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Fly on the Rings and Channel Your Inner Child: Caroline Wagner

Trainer of the Month

Photography by
Andrew Saxon

For a long time, the rings were reserved for gymnasts and acrobats. But recently, they’ve been reexamined and repurposed as a tool to help people of all fitness levels build a tremendous amount of strength in their arms, shoulders, back and core. Used to their fullest capacity, they can also increase flexibility in the legs, back, hips, shoulders and more. More importantly, playing on the rings with personal trainer Caroline Wagner, who creates routines to music, is a ton of fun—like recess on the playground during elementary-school fun. 

Exercise 1: Inverted Splits

Benefits include: Strengthening the core, shoulders, arms and back as well as lengthening and stretching the hamstrings.


Exercise 2: Inverted Plank 

Benefits include: Strengthening the core, shoulders and inner thighs.


Exercise 3: Inverted Pike

Benefits include: Strengthening shoulders, arms, core, chest and inner legs as well as lengthening hamstrings, glutes and back chain.


Exercise 4: Double Diamond

Benefits include: Strengthening the core, shoulders and chest as well as increasing flexibility in the back, quads and hip flexors.


Exercise 5: Splits

Benefits include: Lengthening the quads, hamstrings and hip flexors as well as strengthening arms and core.

Due to potential injury, though, these exercises are best first executed under the guidance of an instructor. To train with Caroline, email  

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