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Yoga for Golf


Improve your golf game with these three poses, picked to increase core strength, encourage flexibility through the shoulders and hips, improve concentration, and enhance balance and coordination. Yoga instructor, golf enthusiast and BC trainer Caroline Wagner says all these components can help on the course.


Breath Work

Meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and other mindfulness practices can help golfers perform under the pressure of the game and increase concentration skills. 

“You really get the idea of marrying your breath with movement. It also helps with impatience. Golfing takes a lot of patience.” 


Crescent Lunge

Modified Crescent Lunge

This pose is primarily for opening
tight hips and hip flexors, a problem notorious in men. 

“Opening the hips definitely helps with your swing, primarily the drive,” Wagner says.



Holding planks will help golfers engage their center. 

“When I’m really focused on engaging my core, I can drive 50 or 75 yards farther,” Wagner says.



This stretch helps open tight shoulders and pectoral muscles while strengthening the back. “This helps golfers with a nice, open swing. “Opening the shoulders and chest helps you get a full range of motion in your swing,” she says.

Train with Caroline or take her Yoga for Golf classes on Tuesdays from 8:45-9:15 a.m. For more information, please email  

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