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Mindful Driving


Written by
Lauren Hunsberger

Dirk Nevelle had been thinking about writing a book addressing driver etiquette for over 20 years. So when he finally put pen to paper, it wasn’t hard for him to list more than 100 infractions he sees drivers make regularly that can contribute to road rage. 

In his illustrated book Road Rage Justified, Nevelle distilled his list down to 50 rules (some are laws, some just pet peeves) he wishes everyone would remember and follow—for safety and everyone’s sanity. Now he’s on a mission to educate others by depicting different drivers violating what he sees as vital rules of the road.

He cites the “Left-lane Camper,” the “Anti Zipper Merger,” and the “Social Media Addict” for displaying some of the most common examples of inappropriate behavior. Short descriptions of the infractions being committed by the characters make up the meat of the text and are meant to primarily inform readers in a comical and lighthearted way.

“Despite the title, it’s actually not a book about rage. It’s a book on social etiquette. I think if these 50 things were followed, there would be some huge benefits. People’s lives are at risk,” Nevelle says. 

For Nevelle, who published under the pen name “Neve Roark,” the safety concerns and feelings of being threatened bother him the most. “I’m not a road rager. I’m a pretty chill guy, but I can relate to the anger because it’s a matter of life or death.” 

Nevelle has talked to nearly 70 radio and TV stations about the book and says part of what interests him is that road rage and driver etiquette are universal topics.

“Driving is something everyone can relate to and talk about. If people talk about their pet peeves, it creates a debate, and that’s where progress starts,” he says. 

While he agrees some of the misconduct is cause by carelessness, his ultimate goal is for driver education programs, concerned parents and possibly insurance companies to use his book to help bring attention to the problem and more peace to the road. 

“I’m very interested in the psychology of it all,” says Nevelle. “It’s such an interesting dynamic when we’re on the road, and you don’t see it play out in any other area of life. A little more awareness would go a long way.”

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