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Family Travel Matters

Adventure Feature

Taking a trip to a new, exciting place sounds great. Adding an element of community service probably sounds even more enriching.

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Tackling Jet Lag

Tips, Tricks and Science

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know what it’s like to jump between time zones and get hit with the feeling of being off. Even if you’ve only lost an hour or two, something is just not right.

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Alexander's Heart & Hope

Member Profile

In the summer of 2017, life changed for the entire Chaffey family.

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Discover California's Santa Ynez Valley

Travel Feature

Bypass the Napa wine crowds with a laid-back visit to Santa Barbara County

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The Country Club Johannesburg

Reciprocal Club Feature

An escape from the rush of Johannesburg city, the club acts as a haven for business and leisure in its historical, expansive location.

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In Touch with Travel Tech

Adventure Feature

Each year, new and exciting accessories come along, giving you even more excuses to hit the tarmac this spring. Whether you need help packing, keeping in contact with your party or just relaxing by...

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Behind the Wine Dinner

Chef's Corner

The Club hosted a five-course wine dinner in Polaris featuring wines and fare from classic regions of France such as Champagne, Loire Valley, Burgundy, Rhone Valley and Bordeaux. Guests enjoyed...

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Nourish Your Nails

Beauty Feature

The Bellevue Club offers a new type of dipping powder that caters to the best of both worlds—beauty and health.

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Bellevue North Shopping Center

Gordon James Fine Diamonds