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In Touch with Travel Tech

Adventure Feature

Written by Samantha Lund

Each year, new and exciting accessories come along, giving you even more excuses to hit the tarmac this spring. Whether you need help packing, keeping in contact with your party or just relaxing by the beach, the newest innovation in travel tech has you covered.

Kindle Oasis

Amazon just released a waterproof Kindle. All of your prayers have been answered: Finally, a way to read by the pool without having to worry about wet pages or destroyed tablets. Now, you’ll be able to read your books without worrying about falling off your inflatable pool-bed. Not only is the new feature well worth the buy, but Kindles also protect your eyes from normal strains that tablet lights yield and the screen is much easier to see in the sun.

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GoTenna acts as a walkie-talkie add-on to your mobile phone when you have no signal. Whether you’re hiking or in another country, if you have one end and your travel partner has the other, you can remain in contact even in areas you wouldn’t normally have service. GoTenna is a plug-in phone device that operates via Bluetooth, so you can send messages even when there’s no signal. Messages are transmitted via radio waves, so no more getting lost.

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TEP Wireless

A TEP portable hot spot allows you to connect your device to Wi-Fi and maintain an internet connection from anywhere. This is a great option for those who do a lot of international travel.

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Smart Luggage Locks

Lock your luggage with Bluetooth instead of keys—no more lost keys or forgotten codes keeping you from your belongings. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can manage users and permissions to access a piece of luggage. There’s also a built-in TSA lock in case you travel from state to state often.

Lumos Smart Sleep Mask

Supported by funding from Stanford and NASA, Lumos delivers the best sleep on a plane and could be the much-needed cure for jet lag. It uses light flashes to adjust your circadian rhythms, syncing your brain to the local time zone wherever you’re landing. You can pre-reserve your mask now.

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Away’s Luggage

You’ve seen them before, but this finally-perfected hands-free rolling luggage is officially ready to be your newest travel partner. Away’s luggage will roll effortlessly next to you while charging your phone and fitting into any overhead compartment.

    The New York–based start-up launched in 2016 and makes carry-on bags and full-sized suitcases, along with accessories like luggage tags and travel blankets.

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Pack Simply

Pack Simply is trying to, clearly, make packing simple. For constant travelers, hunting down travel-sized toiletries you actually enjoy and making sure your bag will be TSA-approved is a hassle. Pack Simply lets you choose from hundreds of products and customizes your bag. If you spend more than $20, your clear travel bag is free. This service is a must for frequent travelers; just order a few at a time and always have one at the ready.

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Much like Pack Simply, Dufl best serves frequent travelers. The app sends your packed bag to your destination for you, then washes or dry-cleans all your clothes when you’re done. Your clothes are then stored for your next trip.

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Like Airbnb, but for cars. Turo lets you rent a car directly from its owner rather than going through companies like Hertz or Enterprise. You can rent cool cars like Teslas or choose something dependable like a Toyota Camry. It’s all done through an app that aims to give you a better rate than rental car companies.

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