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Marathon Meals

Wellness Feature

Written by Lauren Hunsberger

Bonnie McPike is a personal chef with a running habit. Intimately understanding the challenges of properly fueling for endurance sports (specifically race day), she created a meal service with runners in mind and now delivers healthful meals to athletes on the Eastside.

Reflections magazine: How and when did you become a
personal chef?

Bonnie McPike: I’ve been cooking professionally for a decade now. I started in a pizza kitchen in New York. Then I worked my way up through various restaurants. I was working at the Michelin-starred wd~50 when I got an email from someone looking for a private chef for the summer. I tried it and loved it.

RM: When did you bring your skills to Seattle?

BM: I moved to Seattle two years ago and started cooking for CEOs, busy professionals and families. Also a lot of athletes—a few of the Mariners, a former Seahawk player, the Minnesota Twins when they came to town. That’s really my niche now because I’m personally very active and share the same mentality as my clients—food is a pleasure, but it’s also an important fuel source.

RM: What’s your activity of choice?

BM: I’m primarily a runner. I’ve done quite a few half marathons and a half Ironman, and I’m currently training for the Seattle Marathon. I stopped doing triathlons because it’s easier timewise to just run. I’m all about keeping things simple, and as long as you have a pair of shoes and shorts, you can go for a run.

RM: Can you give me the basics about your service Marathon Meals?

BM: Marathon Meals is a 12-week meal service specifically for runners. The first 11 weeks are pre-race fuel leading up to race day. The final week is post-race recovery.

RM: And does it correspond with specific events?

BM: Right now the service is offered twice a year—once prior to the Seattle Marathon (November 23) and once leading up to the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon (June 8–9, 2019).

RM: What’s included in the service?

BM: The service is Monday through Friday, lunches and two healthy snacks to supplement runners’ already-existing nutrition program. I created Marathon Meals because I find I’m busiest during the day and don’t want to worry about healthy eating. The program saves runners time, energy and reduces stress levels knowing they have nutritious food each day.

RM: How are these meals crafted with runners in mind?

BM: I’m consulting with local dietitians to formulate the recipes with optimal proportions of lean proteins, clean carbs and healthy fats. The portions also increase as the program goes along because runners are clocking more miles and need more calories to support their training.

RM: What are the biggest nutrition mistakes people make when training?

BM: Many people don’t fuel at the right time, or skip meals altogether, which is harmful when clocking high mileage. I’m personally guilty of those mistakes and of sometimes eating whatever is convenient. I believe it’s critical when training for a race to maintain good nutrition throughout the working week and Marathon Meals allows for that.

The program costs $50 a day and includes deliveries twice a week to your home or office. For more information, visit

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