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Written by Samantha Lund

Whether you’re on the slopes, soaking up sun or working out in the water, there are a few helpful hints to leaving your hair, skin and body feeling a little more glamorous after a serious sweat. Bellevue Club aesthetician Natalie Rubio shares her tricks of the trade.

Winter Sports

Skiing and snowboarding can take a toll on your body but also your hair and skin. Flying down the slopes leaves you vulnerable to high winds, cold air and sun exposure. Consider adding a few new steps to your slope routine:

Protect your skin: “People forget when they’re skiing how high up they get into the atmosphere. The UV rays are even more intense up there and you need high quality sunscreen,” Rubio says.

Hide Your Hair: Speeding down the slopes can leave your hair in a knotted mess. This winter, tackle your tangles by applying your favorite conditioning serum to the bottom half of your hair and tucking it away. Once it’s time to get off the mountain, your hair will have had hours of rejuvenation.

Moisturize: Cold and dry air can do serious damage to your skin and lips. Before and after hitting the slopes, be sure to apply lip balm and a moisturizer. “Don’t be afraid to layer,” Rubio says. “You can layer protection and hydration with Eminence sunscreen and Intraceuticals serums to get layers of UV protection, hydration and even anti-aging effects.”

Water Sports

Swimming comes with its own set of issues—dry skin, eyes and hair being at the top of the list. But unlike most sports, you can’t cover up and assume you’re protected.

Red Eye Cure: Eye drops are your best friend, period. Contrary to what most people assume, red burning eyes aren’t a symptom of chlorine exposure, but come from the germs found on people (like your cosmetics, dirt and sweat) mixed with the chlorine in the water getting in or around your eyes.

Stay Clean: “Chlorine is so damaging,” Rubio says. She recommends instantly washing chlorine off your body, face and hair when you get out of a pool with SkinCeuticals gentle cleanser or Eminence firm skin cleanser to clean, moisturize and balance antioxidants.

Nail It: Between the chlorine, salt, sand or poolside stucco, your manicure can get beat up when swimming is your go-to activity. Keep yourself looking fresh and glam at all times by packing the same color polish and toothpicks for on-site touch ups.

Land Workouts

With the sun, wind, dirt and other elements you encounter on your runs or rides, your skin and body can take a beating. Remain radiant with a few quick tricks.

Two-A-Days: Going for two workouts a day (looking at you, triathletes) can feel great but washing your hair twice can strip the strands. Instead of putting your hair through a harsh shampooing twice, opt for one one wash with shampoo and conditioner and the other with just conditioner. It’ll keep your hair hydrated and still strip some of the sweat out.

Rice Milk: “When you don’t have time to take a full shower, rice milk actually cleans off everything from sweat to makeup and even prevents breakouts,” Rubio says. “It cleans, tones, hydrates and tightens all at once.” Keeping a bottle in your gym bag can help you stay fresh and clean on the go. Plus, Eminence rice milk cleanser is all-natural so you don’t have to worry about the chemicals found in most face-cleansing on-the-go towelettes.

Waterproof Mascara: For a hint of glam in your run, always wear waterproof mascara that won’t drip down your face and turn you into an extra in a horror movie.

Tips for All Athletes:

Exfoliation might actually be the missing link in your dry skin. “Many people don’t exfoliate because they think they’re dehydrated and just need to moisturize,” Rubio says. “Exfoliation actually helps skin stay moisturized.” Lalicious sugar scrubs not only exfoliate your entire body, but the mixture of coconut and jojoba oil—molecularly similar to natural human skin oils—can moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.

Pay attention to your lips, Rubio warns. The first sign of dehydration is chapped lips and it’s easily preventable: Drink more water.  

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