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A Class Act

Fitness Feature

Written by Lauren Hunsberger

Photography by Taryn Emerick

Stacy Recommends:
Five Fitness Classes For All levels


Cycling is a great cardiovascular workout that’s available to everyone. “One of the greatest things about cycling is that people can go at their own pace,” Munn says. “You control the resistance on your bike and no one else can see it.” However, she says cycling can be especially beneficial as cross training for runners (or other specialized athletes) seeking an alternative way to build speed and endurance or improve their finish time.


Yoga is a great complementary activity to any fitness or wellness routine as it can increase overall flexibility, mobility, balance and strength. Yin, or other restorative varieties, can also greatly aid in recovery and athletic focus. “When you do quick releasing stretching, like in some other classes, it doesn’t provide the same quality of flexibility that yoga can give you,” she says.

Ultimate Fitness

Ultimate Fitness tops the list of classes Munn recommends because it’s well-rounded, combining strength and cardio, but brings a ton of variety to any routine that’s become stale or boring. “I think you get the most bang for your buck with this class,” she says. “Plus there’s no tricky choreography and offers plenty of modifications.”

Core and More

“Almost everything we do requires core, even just sitting at a desk,” Munn says. Targeting your core leads to better balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities. And with classes offered both on weekdays and weekends, there’s no excuse for not incorporating it into your fitness goals.

Foam Rolling

This recuperative class is aimed at keeping your fascia (the fibrous layer of connective tissue that surrounds your muscles) healthy. “I think there’s added value because it’s something you can learn and then do yourself,” Munn says. “It’s a tool I use all the time when I’m traveling.”


Benefits of Group Exercise

  • There’s no planning on your end. Come to class and be prepared to learn without having to self-instruct.
  • Gain motivation from class participants, plus they can help provide accountability.
  • Classes create and nurture a fun environment with music that’s
  • dance-worthy.
  • You are able to ask the instructor questions and receive guidance
  • when needed.
  • Classes give you a break from the buzz of emails and social media. Silencing your cellphone for zero distraction is a must.
  • Gain a coach. It’s important when attending a new class to take the time to meet your instructor one-on-one.
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