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Roll With It

Fitness Feature

Written by Lauren Hunsberger

Bellevue Club instructor Nancy Black is offering a new class that leads participants through a therapeutic foam-rolling series. Below she talks about why every athlete should give it a go.

Reflections magazine: What can people expect from a foam-rolling class?
Nancy Black: People can expect to learn trigger point foam-rolling techniques for different body parts. We generally start on the feet, move up the body, and end with the neck and shoulders.

RM: Why should more people foam roll?
NB: Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release (SMR), which helps break up muscle adhesions and loosen tendons and ligaments. It increases blood flow to the area to help increase joint mobility, range of motion and flexibility. Foam rolling is an excellent pre-workout release as well as post-workout stretch.

RM: Is there anyone who shouldn’t take the class?
NB: Contraindications to foam rolling include pregnant clients or those with osteoporosis. Hypertensive clients should use caution.

RM: Any tips for people new to foam rolling?
NB: New clients should begin with decreased pressure and gradually increase as they progress.

RM: Do you have any personal experiences in which foam rolling has helped an injury, injury prevention, etc.?
NB: I have had great success with foam rolling! Foam rolling has helped increase the flexibility in my feet following foot surgery as well as loosen tight IT bands, quadriceps and hamstrings from running.

For specific class times, please pick up a GPX (group exercise) schedule.

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