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In Step With Zumba

Interview by Lauren Hunsberger

Photos by Darren Hendrix

Suerte Georgina “Gina” Hoover is a Zumba instructor who wants you to have fun while working up a sweat on the dance floor.
She breaks down the benefits of the class and announces a very special event.




“It’s mostly a cardio class with a little strength training. We’re there to dance, sweat and have fun. I always tell people it’s like bringing the club into a gym setting—but you don’t have to get dolled up. It’s the perfect place to leave your worries behind and feel free.”



“The first few times you dance, your brain will be challenged in a major way because you’re learning new steps. But as you keep showing up, your brain is less of the focus and your body works a lot more. I don’t change my choreography too much so you can really get into it. It can get addicting.”


“There is no experience required, and you do not need to have a dance background at all. It’s open to everyone. I was actually pregnant with my third child when I walked into my first Zumba class. My style is very easy to follow, and it’s fun!”



“I do it to empower people. I do it for community and for fun. It makes my day to see people leave my class with smiles on their faces. If they aren’t smiling, I didn’t do my job. The only expectation that people should have is that you’re going to have fun—that’s what Zumba is all about.”

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