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Soft Serve Science

Written by Samantha Lund
Photography by Taryn Emerick

Mixing science and taste, Bellevue’s newest ice cream boutique is on the forefront of healthy(er), crave-able desserts. This boutique, the brainchild of a former civil engineer, is the first and only nitrogen ice creamery in the Bellevue area.

Walking up to the creamery, there are rows and rows of glass jars with colorful baked goods, real honey combs and sparkling candy creations. Golden machines that look similar to KitchenAid mixers line the counters pouring out fog like a magical concoction is brewing. Instead, the final result is some of the creamiest ice cream you’ll ever enjoy,  finished with any toppings you’d like. This is Fog Rose Ice Cream Boutique.

After living in California, Fog Rose Owner Quyen Dang recognized the need for more dessert innovation in the Pacific Northwest. Dang attributes the creamery’s success to combining science, locally-sourced organic ingredients and an eye for presentation.

“This process allows for more creativity. We can try new and interesting flavors one serving at a time,” Dang says. “We’ll have returning customers suggest flavors and we can try them without a lot of commitment or waste.”

The process Dang refers to is the use of liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze ice cream, which Fog Rose does one serving at a time, for every order.

Here’s how it works: Using an ice cream base, with fruit puree or syrup for flavor, all the ingredients are put into a specialized machine. Then, liquid nitrogen is injected into the bowl. Liquid nitrogen is roughly -321 degrees Fahrenheit, and once it comes in contact with the air it quickly evaporates into a cloud of smoke.

While the ice cream mixture is freezing, it’s being churned so the very few ice crystals that might form will be broken down. Within seconds, the liquid nitrogen is gone and you’re left with some of the smoothest ice cream you’ve ever had.

Everything at Fog Rose is made to order, and within minutes in front of you. This technology not only lets Dang get creative with flavors instantly, but it also means none of the ice creams contain preservatives.

“We work with local ingredients so everything you’ll try will be in season from local farms,” Dang says. “And I work with a local pastry chef who brings fresh toppings all
the time.”

Some of the most popular flavors at Fog Rose include Pistachio Rosewater, Blueberry Lavender and Quinoa. Though, you never know what will be on the menu any given day.

“I’m working with a pastry chef to test new things all the time,” Dang says. Fog Rose, currently sharing a space in Soma Tower North, is only the beginning of Dang’s vision for innovative desserts in Bellevue.

This month, Dang will open her next big endeavor after leaving the corporate world three years ago: Fog Rose Atelier, a cocktail bar featuring more ice cream flavors, desserts and a full-service bar for boozy champagne floats. From there, the possibilities are endless.

“It’ll be a place to come and have a late-night treat,” she says. Not to mention, along with being delicious, Dang’s creations are some of the most picture-worthy desserts you’ll ever eat. “You eat with your eyes first, and these creations are so pretty.”

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