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Basketball Skills and Drills

Fitness Feature

Bellevue club basketball trainer Antonio Chavers shares five exercises to improve your game.


On-Court Drills

Single Hand Ball-Cone Control

Line up five cones in a straight line, roughly two feet apart. Stand at one end in an athletic stance. Start with your right hand, and quickly dribble the ball continuously as you weave through all the cones and back two times. Switch the ball to your left hand and travel up and back twice.

Benefits: Ball-cone control is important because dribbling is a major part of basketball and isolated ball control advances performance.

Form Shooting

Stand in an athletic stance two feet from the rim (middle, left or right). Using your dominant hand only, rest the ball in a shooting position and then perform your natural shot. Perform 10 shots from the middle, right and left court positions. Then, return to a two-handed position and perform 10 more from each point.

Benefits: Isolated one-hand shooting helps with ball control.


Off-Court Drills


Set up four hurdles in a row roughly two feet apart. Stand next to the first hurdle and jump over all four without stopping. Once you get to the other side, return and repeat. Perform three reps down and back twice.

Benefits: Simultaneous lateral and vertical movements advance athleticism on the court.

Box Jumps

Using a box that is appropriate in height for your skill level, start in an athletic stance. Jump vertically onto the box and repeat three reps of 10. Be sure to take your time with each jump. Don’t rush.

Benefits: Intense action that increases vertical jumping abilities.

Ball Jacks

Start by holding a weighted
basketball (or medicine ball) in a standing position. Perform a jumping jack motion; however, lift the ball above your head with the arms instead of raising them out to the side. Perform three sets of 10.

Benefits: This full-body exercise uses a variation of the stand jumping jack to increase endurance and strength.

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