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The Collagen-Conscious Clothing Revolution

Mind & Body Feature

Written by Samantha Lund

Photos provided by Buki Brand

Seattle  is known for finding everyday uses for technology innovation. The city’s newest clothing line combines collagen and fiber technology to create the “Wardrobe Revolution.” 

Buki merges skin care with your everyday clothing.

Co-founder and designer Joey Rodolfo (known for designs with Tommy Bahama) was inspired by Japanese fiber technology and, after 15 years of learning, testing and designing, created the first collagen-infused clothing line, the Collagen Collection by Buki.

Collagen is known for its health benefits, including promoting skin elasticity, supporting bones and muscles, protecting your organs and providing structure to joints and tendons. While your body produces collagen on a regular basis, that production slows down with age, which has collagen-conscious consumers looking for new ways to incorporate it into their lives.

Buki is the Japanese word for “defend and protect,” which is in reference to what Buki pieces provide the wearer. Each garment is designed to protect and comfort you from the elements, with thermoregulation to cooling properties.

The Collagen Collection sources collagen peptides from marine sources. This makes each piece higher quality than porcine or bovine collagen could create. Sourcing collagen from marine life also makes the line nonirritating and hypoallergenic.

“Buki provides luxury comfort in fabrics that no one else in the world has,” co-founder Stacy Bennett says. “We call it our Wardrobe Revolution.”

Collagen peptides soften, hydrate and protect skin with UPF 50+ (an ultraviolet protection factor that measures how effectively fabric blocks ultraviolet radiation; a 50+ rating means it protects 1/50th of the sun’s UV rays).

Smoking, sun exposure, age and an unhealthy diet are determining factors in the amount of natural collagen your body will produce; with less natural collagen, skin begins to wrinkle and visibly sag.

“The debut collection was designed as layering tees so the skin receives the softening and hydrating benefits,” Bennett explains. “My favorite piece is our Collagen V-Neck. It is from our debut collection of essential styles, and it is a great, classic style with the revolutionary components.”

Each piece in the Collagen Collection is designed to be protective and sustainable while offering moisturizing, deodorizing and UV-protective benefits. Each piece is eco-friendly, sustainably made, wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable.

“We have our sights set on continuing to empower people with our Wardrobe Revolution of desk-to-dinner comfort,” Bennett says. “We believe that comfort is luxurious, and you deserve to be supremely comfortable.”

Buki’s collection includes clothing, a scarf, a pillow cover and an eye mask so you can promote softer, more hydrated skin from morning until night. This year, the brand will launch their first menswear collection.

You can explore the Buki collection of apparel and accessories online at or at the Buki flagship store in downtown Seattle.

What are the benefits of collagen?

Your body’s tissues are mostly made of the extracellular matrix (ECM), a diverse mesh of proteins and sugars, which act as the mortar binding your cells together. Collagen is one of many proteins that make up the ECM and comprises roughly 30 percent of the protein mass in humans.

The term “collagen” comes from the Greek kólla, which means glue, alluding to the effects it has on our bodies:

Alleviates joint pain

A study of 147 athletes with joint pain found that doses of collagen hydrolysate (a substance produced by hydrolysis) for 24 weeks significantly reduced their pain.

Promotes skin health and elasticity

One of the most well-known
benefits of collagen is its ability to reverse signs of aging. This essential protein promotes skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

Increases hair growth

A 180-day study of 15 women with thinning hair proved that a collagen supplement resulted in improvements in hair volume, scalp coverage and thickness. Skin moisture and smoothness also improved.

Improves blood sugar regulation

Fifty individuals who took collagen supplements for three months had lower blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and creatinine levels when compared to the average levels between meals.

Helps build muscle and burn fat

Collagen is a major component of muscle tissue, which means it is an essential factor in building muscle mass. Collagen also contains creatinine, which is fuel for muscles. A 2015 study found that collagen supplements taken by older males can increase fat loss and muscle strength when partnered with resistance training compared to a placebo group.

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