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Books About Nature

Reading Corner

Written by Samantha Lund

It can be a struggle to put down the phone, get off the computer, turn the TV off and pick up a book. For some of us, it’s like pulling teeth. The same thing can be said about going outside. With 9–5 jobs, commuting, and a fitness routine in the gym, we spend a lot of time in buildings or cars. If you need a little inspiration, pick up one of these reads and take it to your favorite park.

Our Place

by Mark Cocker

If you’ve ever gone for a walk and raged as you walk past trash and debris contaminating the earth, every word that Mark Cocker writes will resonate with you. Cocker begins his book by explaining his vision: to save the British countryside and bring light to why it looks as it does today. Our Place is a composition for one of his favorite landscapes and a call to arms for the earth.

The Last Wilderness

by Murray Morgan

Originally published in 1955, The Last Wilderness tells the story of the Olympic Peninsula. Morgan dives into the landscape “more rugged than the Rockies” and the “cool jungle of fir and pine and cedar” founded by a rough-and-tumble group of pioneers. Let this good read carry you into the epic adventures of the first people to wrangle with the Puget Sound area in a humorous, saga-like narrative.

A Temporary Refuge

by Lee Spencer

Lee Spencer was an archaeologist for 20 years but found that his larger calling was to protect wild steelhead salmon from poachers. He and his dog set up camp along Oregon’s North Umpqua River and protected, recorded and studied the fish he sought to protect.

Last Child in the Woods

by Richard Louv

Author Richard Louv studied the effects of urbanization on the day-to-day lives of children in bigger cities with less nature. In 2008, Louv coined the phrase nature-deficit disorder to explain the human cost of alienation from nature. NDD was never meant to be a diagnosis, but over time it became one that psychologists related to depression, attention and mood disorders. Read more about it in Nature-Deficit Disorder. 

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