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Cleaning Up Your Cleaners

Wellness Feature

Written by Samantha Lund

We read the nutrition labels on the food we eat, we read the labels on our clothing and we strive to use soaps and makeup that are natural. Why would you put something in or on your body that you don’t trust?

Why are household cleaners any different?

United States regulations on household cleaners are lax to say the least. Manufacturers know the loopholes, and to this day don’t have to list every ingredient in their solutions. Many of our go-to cleaners are made with carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins.

It’s no surprise that using bleach-based wipes on the countertops you’ll later use for meal prep isn’t the best idea. But what about toxins that are less obvious?

Making the change to a toxin-free home can be intimidating. Even essential oil fragrances can be toxic to pets (please avoid lavender essential oils around your dogs and cats).

All-Purpose Cleaner

This is the perfect first step because an effective, all-natural, all-purpose cleaner can replace 80 percent of your existing cleaning products. Search for a product that lists all the ingredients on the label, and just like you would with a new food, take the time to research any ingredients you don’t know.

We recommend: Honest Company makes scented, all-natural all-purpose cleaners starting at $3.99

Ditch Your Detergent

Walk away from your chemical-based laundry detergent and opt for an all-natural option instead. Just like the soap in your shower, laundry detergent leaves lasting residue on your body throughout the day. Not to mention, it’s on your towels and bedding too.

We recommend: Seventh Generation detergents are a great, all-natural, biodegradable option.

Can the Candles (and Other Air Fresheners)

Air fresheners are a huge source of toxins in your home; they are not only easily ingested but also linger for long periods of time. Candles and essential oils also fall into this category. Ditch the store-bought smells, and opt for a natural beeswax candle.

We recommend: Root Candles sells all-natural, 100 percent beeswax candles in several fragrances, and the company is also dedicated to saving honeybees.

Swap Your Soaps

Dish soap, hand soap and body soaps affect your body. Swap them out for an all-natural, Triclosan-free recipe. Triclosan is an antibacterial chemical that actually promotes the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. No, thank you.

We recommend: Grove Collaborative makes all-natural gel dish soap for $5.95. The soap is sold in a pouch to be paired with a reusable dispenser to reduce your packaging waste.

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