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Five Perks to Exercise Programming

Fitness Feature

Are you stagnant with your workouts? Do you need some advice on how to reach (or create) your next fitness goal but don’t want the full commitment of a regular personal trainer? Bellevue Club trainer Jerry Flynn talks about the benefits of exercise programming and why you should let someone else do the thinking so you can focus on the heavy lifting.

1. Variation.

“The body adapts to an exercise program in roughly four to six weeks,” Flynn says. “Some people have been doing the same routine for years, and there are easy ways to switch things up and progress in new ways.”

2. Time Management.

“Not everyone wants to sit down and write a program for themselves. We can write intelligent programs with specific goals in mind to take a large part of the work out of it.”

3. Minimal Commitment.

“This works well for people who don’t need or want consistent accountability, just new ideas. It’s great for people who travel a lot or have busy schedules.”

4. Safety.

“Everyone should have periods of time of de-loading, when you aren’t going a hundred percent. The body needs to recoup in between periods of high intensity. Programming can plan those cycles for you so you are smart with your workouts.”

5. Reach your goal.

"Whether it’s weight loss or strength training, customized programming is the way to go. It’s far more effective than just walking into the gym and doing whatever comes to mind.”

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